Last ten years have been revolutionary in terms of technological advances. Unlike old times, when a lightbulb took years to invent, nowadays new inventions are made daily. The technology brought a new series of gadgets and items that No Label Business Magazine would like to introduce in order not to surprise, but just amaze you.


Tapia is a little a robot and a life friend. It’s with you on every step of your life; whether you need it to wake you up on time, or order stuff, or maybe take photos of your important life events. If you have kids, Tapia will read stories for them while you’re doing housework, and will remind you to call your mom if you haven’t contacted her for a long time. This cute robot will never stop surprising you.



aser Tail Light

If you ride a bike, then this LED laser tail light would make your ride straighter and visible to car drivers. Just simply attach the gadget behind your bike and let it do its job.


icro Luggage Scooter

Say what?! That means no more pressure or stress carrying heavy luggage?Yes, you can actually ride it instead of carrying with hands. One more way to make your vacation fun and entertaining.




An alternative and extraordinary lamp. It’s like having the moon in your own room. Luna will make your evening with a loved one romantic, and you can actually demonstrate how you love your partner “to the moon and back.”



rivacy Pop Bed Tent

Going to stay at a place other than your house for a night? Or planning for camping? Or maybe looking for a unique gift but not sure what exactly? Privacy Pop Bed Tent is the best idea to surprise your friend, and a comfortable place for your own privacy.



martphone Projector

Sometimes you gather up with family and want to watch good memories from your phone, but the screen is too small for everyone to watch. This retro style projector is made specifically for such reasons. It can magnify your screen size up to 8 times and display your videos or photos on the wall.



offee Joulies

Coffee is hot, but coffee joulies are cold. These nontoxic, food-based joulies absorb the heat from your coffee and release it out, so that you can drink your coffee safely, without burning your mouth.



loating Lamp

If you’re questioning yourself now, whether you see it right, then the answer is yes. The top of the lamp is hovering above the base and it’ll keep floating until the LEDs are turned off or dimmed. Then you have a good night.



oogie Board 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet

The Boogie Board a tree friendly tablet that is only using a stylus, a fingernail to write on a plastic base board. It’s great for all ages to jot down notes, make a to do list, etc. You can erase your writing with a touch of a button.



ittle Printer

Little printer is literally so little that you can store it in your pocket. It’s home friendly, and you can place anywhere. You can simply connect it to you phone and print news, articles, notes and so much more. Need to make a quick to do list before leaving the house, just print it and store it in your wallet on the go.



io Luminescent Dino Pet

Bio luminescent plankton called dinoflaggelates glow in the dark when you gently swirl it. Just keep them away from light and they’ll make you happy for the night (the plankton glows only during the night times). Made easy to feed and take care of them, they’ll make a perfect gift for your loved one.


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