Shortcut Like a Boss

As the society branches into the era of smart objects and technology, it becomes essential to know your X, Y, and Zs about how to operate a system. Computers are not an exception. If ten years ago, you could amaze people by just having a PC at your house, and know how to work in a Microsoft document, nowadays, it’s way not enough for competition. If you ever applied for a job, you’ve probably bumped on a job that requires a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, maybe Visual Basics, and other software programs. Even people who know some information about such programs might not know about the shortcuts that can make their jobs much faster, because guess what, computers are to make jobs easier. No Label Business Magazine introduces some shortcuts that are usable in almost every case, so even you’re not catching up with technological advancement, these little hacks will make you feel like the boss of the computer and actually motivate you to study the language of a computer just like any other foreign language.

How to lock your computer if you are going to be away from it for a certain time.

For Windows: Windows (the bottom, second on the left) + L
For Mac: Command + Alt + Eject

Closed a very important window by mistake? No worries.

For Windows: Ctrl+Shift+T
For Mac: Command+Z (for Safari) and Ctrl+Shift+T (for Google Chrome)

Everybody’s hated situation when the computer freezes. You can actually make it work!

For Windows: Ctrl+Shift+Esc
For Mac: Command+Option+Shift+Esc

How to jump from one window to another quickly.

For Windows: Alt+Tab
For Mac: Command+Tab

How to bookmark a page, so can go back to it later.

For Windows: Alt+D
For Mac: Command+L

If you’ve been surfing the Internet, and your boss somehow showed up behind your back, and you need to close everything really quick.

For Windows: Windows+D
For Mac: Fn+F11

How to Make a Screenshot of your friend making a funny face on a video talk.

For Windows: Alt+Print Screen
For Mac: Command+Shift+3

Messed up with writing or drew a cowboy beard on your partner’s photo, when he’s coming to the room?  You can undo the action. Take a look.

For Windows: Ctrl+Z
For Mac: Command+Shift+Z

Now if you want to redo an action.

For Windows: Ctrl+Y
For Mac: Command+Y


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