The “Gebeshian” Move

Rio is on fire these days as Olympics 2016 hit the road to their sport stages. August 7 will now pass into the history of Armenia, as an Armenian-American gymnast Houry Gebeshian became the first female gymnast to represent Armenia. “My goal was to bring Armenia on the map,” she told The Wall Street Journal during her interview. Along with being the first female gymnast, she performed a unique gymnastic skill on the uneven bars by passing from the lower bar to the higher one by turning in 360 degrees in the air. This move has never been performed before. People now know that move as “The Gebeshian” move, and it’s highly likely to be named after her.

Gebeshian-justphotos.biz_She kissed one of the bars after her performance as she used to do during other performances, commenting the Wall Street Journal, “I just wanted to thank the sport.”

Even though she did not make to the finals, Houry feels accomplished, and you can see it from her smile that’s there from start to the end of the performance. Her leotard was not left unnoticed as well. It was representing the Biblical Mountain Ararat as the symbol of her motherland Armenia.

Houry got into Olympics journey about 6 years ago, when her dad’s friend Paul Vardanyan (member of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia) asked her to compete for Armenia in Olympics. Through the committee she was able to obtain her Armenian citizenship and pace her way to the Rio Olympics 2016.

Houry was born and raised in an Armenian family.I grew up in a very Armenian household, which spoke the language and maintained the customs and traditions,” she mentioned in her interview with the Armenian Weekly. She resides in Cleveland now, but still sustains her cultural values that take her back to homeland.

After few days of the Olympics “The Gebeshian” move was officially recognized in the Points of Codes of gymnastics. The name will be there for a lifetime to remind others about the person who performed it the first time.

You can watch her legendary performance here.


Source: Armenian Weekly , The Wall Street Journal

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