NASCAR Las Vegas, 2016

panaromaLas Vegas was on fire last few weekends, as the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was welcoming people for its annual car race. The seats were full as visitors were not only locals but also from different states. Our team caught some drivers with car plates from Washington, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and California, not mentioning the ones that might have been left unnoticed. They came prepared- with grill machines, umbrellas, chairs, flags and any camping equipment you can think about.  Hot dogs and burgers were leading the food courts and people were ready for the adrenaline rush. The noise of the car engines, the burnt smell of the car tires made everyone realize the race is going to be tough and challenging. About 2:42 pm one of the racers, Code Ware’s car spins, hits the lap border then spins back and becomes the cause other minor car crashes into it.

According to LVMS updates no one was injured during the crash, however the cars had to stop for about 20 minutes, in order to clean up the lap. In just few hours after, it becomes clear that Kyle Busch is the undefeated winner of the Boyd Gaming 300  race. In the interview to LVMS he expresses his feelings after the game, “Today was pretty special, to get a win in the hometown and check that off the list.”.
On Sunday, the tires continue to warm up the leap of Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Brad Keselowski gets to overcome Kyle Busch and win the Kobalt 400. He commented the race to LVMS as follows, “What a day…I’m beat. I put everything I had into driving this car. I’m just so thrilled to be back in Victory Lane.”
The weekend was breathtaking for NLBM team. Just following the race from the close up seats, took our breaths away whenever the cars would make a turn. It was easy to go there and very hard to leave, not only because of the craziest traffic going out of our eyesight, but also the overall fun mood the crowd had.


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