f a human can’t live without water, he can’t live without tennis. His best buddy is wooden, with lots of strings. He likes New Year because of cold and hot chocolate, so Santa really has an easy time making his wishes come true. He’s a true Armenian descendant, because he loves barbecue and kabob. Our new talent guest is a 13 year old, multiple tennis tournaments champion Levon Grigoryan.


evon how did you happen to choose tennis among all other sports?

First time we moved to the U.S., the closest to our place was a tennis court. When I started playing just for fun I liked it a lot. My grandpa became my buddy in tennis games, so we would always go out to have some fun together.


o you treat tennis as a hobby or as a profession?

As a profession. I take tennis very seriously, as I practice it on daily basis.


ho’s your most favorite tennis player ? Why?

My most favorite tennis player is Novak Djokovic, as he’s got an aggressive strategy and is the strongest of all, in my opinion. I try to learn my tennis moves and shots from him, and it’s kind of similar.


Photo Credit: Ani Kirakosyan


ell us a little about your journey of achievements.

I’ve been playing tennis for about 7 years and was able to earn up to 28 trophies in different national and domestic tournaments. Most of tournaments happened and are still happening in Nevada, Utah and Denver, Colorado.


o you have any other hobbies?

Besides tennis I like to play basketball and soccer, although, most of the time I surround myself with tennis.


hat are some of the factors that attract you in tennis?

The way the game structure is set up. There’s not too much of a direct contact. It’s a classic game, that also brings me peace of mind.


hat does it feel like when you win a game, and vice versa lose a game?

I feel really bad when losing, to be honest (laughing), but when I win, especially the big tournaments, the feeling is just indescribable. It’s just amazing.


Photo Credit: Ani Kirakosyan


ell us a little about your dreams and wishes. Do you have something on mid, that have been striving for a long time?

My biggest wish is to get into the Wimbledon championships. Always had that picture in my head playing the greatest matches with strong opponents.


hat if your opponent on the finals appears to be an Armenian, from your own country?

It’ll just get better! Whoever wins will do the barbeque at his place (laughing).


hat would tell kids and their parents who are considering taking tennis classes?

I’d suggest them to take their kids to tennis only when they actually like that sport, because you have to love it before playing it. I don’t think anyone would want to hear his/her kid standing in front of everyone and blaming them for taking them to a sport that they never liked.


ver had a funny incidents happened to you during tennis practice or games?

Funny incidents happen all the time. For example, when you miss an easy hit, or we break our tennis rackets during the games.


e know about your Armenian roots, have you ever  been to Armenia?

I’ve been born in Armenia, and lived there for about 6 years. Even though I love my country to the deep heart, I wouldn’t be able to achieve these many things in tennis in there, just because tennis is not a major sport in Armenia.


evon, do you have a life slogan? If yes, what is it?

Play every point like it’s depending on your life, like it’s your last breath.


Photo Credit: Ani Kirakosyan

“Out of the Box”

What’s your favorite holiday? What do you like most about it?

My favorite holiday is New Year; when it’s cold and you can sit by the fireplace and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and homemade Armenian blinchiks (that’s how Armenians call crepes stuffed with ground beef). I also like places that have snow in winters, so I’m not a big fan of Las Vegas.

If you get to choose a superpower what would that be? Why?

To be invisible. So I can do anything I want, and eat anything I want.

If you were given a task to invent something, what would that be?

I’d invent a sofa with wheels, so I can play tennis sitting on it whenever my feet hurt and I feel tired (laughing).

If you were an ice cream what flavor would you be?

Coconut flavor with no doubt.

If you were having a dinner party and could invite three famous people, who would they be?

First, Kim Kardashian, second, Djokovic, and the third one Maria Sharapova.

Levon has already managed to put his firm steps into tennis sports by being the owner of 28 trophies, and recently becoming the winner of 14s consolation of the Salt Lake City Labor Day Tournament, being awarded Top 5 Boys player of the year for among the age 12, and finally making to number one in Nevada’s tennis championships this year. No Label Magazine staff wishes him all the courage to make his dreams come true, because as Napoleon Bonaparte said once, “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.”

Photo Credit: Ani Kirakosyan

Photo Credit: Ani Kirakosyan

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