The Dreamer Who Designs Miracles

Inspired by nature and every upcoming day, the artist takes up on daily items and turns them into miraculous dresses on drawn models. Giving dresses aliveness and chic, his designs keep surprising thousands of people around the world. The guest of No Label Magazine is a fashion designer, artist, and a big dreamer Edgar Artis.

Edgar, a lot of your fans know you as Edgar Artis? What’s your non artistic name?

My  real name is Edgar Malkhasian. I just wanted to create interesting artistic pseudonym, so I came up with the name Edgar Artis like artist, artistic.

How did you discover your passion towards creating abstract art with daily used items?

I love fashion so much. First I drew just sketches, then I got so inspired by Shamekh Bluwi and Kristina Webb so I decided to create my illustrations out of everything.Edgar-Artis

Your photos of your artworks have been in the social media for a long time. How did people respond to your artworks?

I was tagging art featuring pages, and then they saw my artworks, and started sharing my arts.

How long does it usually take you to finish one model?

It depends on difficulty of the illustration. Sometimes it takes about 3 hours, but sometimes, it may take about 8-9 hours of work.

Does someone help you to create those models?

No, I do it all by my own.

What’s the easiest and hardest parts of the creations of such artworks?

For me, the easiest part is coloring models, and the hardest parts are drawing the lines and giving objects the shape of a dress.

Your name is known in almost every corner of the world. How does it feel like?

It feels good. Sometimes I can’t believe I am that person.

Is there any specific place you visit to get inspired?

No there isn’t. I mean, everything can inspire me. 

Have you ever thought of creating man models with abstract clothing?

Yes I’m thinking about creating man models with some objects.

Oreo Dress

Oreo Dress

Tell us a little about yourself. Do you study? Big or small family?

Unfortunately I don’t study now. I have a big family though. I have two older brothers who have their own families. I’ve also got a niece and a nephew.  

How would you describe yourself in few words, Edgar?

I can say that I am a big dreamer, you know, I love to dream. I have so many dreams that I wish will come true.

Flower Dress

Flower Dress

“Out of Box”

What song best describes you?

Sia is my favorite singer and I’m her big fan. It’s my dream to meet her one day and say thank you for her songs. I think her songs “Alive” and “The Greatest” best describe me.

In what case does 1+1 equal to 3?

In case you know math very, very bad (laughing).

Tell us 10 ways to use a pencil other than writing.

Creating an illustration out of it, use it as a ruler, use it as a microphone while drawing and listening to the music (laughing), we can even make a house decoration out of pencils, pointing at something, playing darts with sharpened pencils (laughing again), using as a drum sticks, using it as a weapon when in danger. Sorry I have no more ideas. It was such a difficult question (smiling).

If we came to your house, what would you prepare for us?

My Mom cooks very delicious Armenian food and I would ask her to cook Armenian dolma and popular Armenian fish ishkhan.

How do you weigh an elephant without using a scale?

I don’t need to weigh an elephant, because as an animal lover, I know that an elephant weight is about four tonnes (laughing).


Gallery of Edgar’s artworks.


You can follow Edgar Artis on Facebook

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