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Safi Miran Beauty Lounge continues to advance in expanding skin rejuvenation and body health by bringing the new technology of R-Sleek. Procedure R-Sleek is a unique anti-cellulite technique, which has no analogues. You can achieve the perfect figure without exhausting classes in the gym and long-term diets.
The main thing is to know how. The R-Sleek procedure helps not only in the fight against cellulite, but also contributes to body correction and skin lifting. The specialist conducts the procedure using a maniple with rotating rollers. The uniqueness of the procedure lies in the increased weight of the handpiece, which will have a powerful and deep effect, unlike other hardware techniques.
You put on an elastic suit that covers your entire body, get comfortable on a massage table, relax and think about something pleasant… its time to “reprogram” your body and “start the program” of rejuvenation! This is not a fiction. This is a modern, effective R-Sleek procedure from Prograce figure correction studios.

The essence of the procedure is in the deep work on the skin, fat and muscle tissue. This is an apparatus massage, which is performed with the help of a large manipulator, inside which 50 rollers-spheres rotate. They affect the body very gently, but at the same time effectively. The result is the activation of natural metabolic processes, increased blood flow and lymph flow, destruction of subcutaneous fat, smoothing of the thighs and cellulite bumps, removal of dead skin cells and free radicals.

Outwardly, the result is manifested in the fact that you lose from 2 cm in each problem area and you can look for a new wardrobe for yourself 1-2 sizes smaller. You do not just lose weight, you get a new silhouette, a new figure – after all, R-Sleek works as an excellent sculptor of your body. Plus, smoother skin and tight muscles.

High standards of hygiene and aesthetics of the procedure are ensured thanks to an individual costume. The material of the suit allows the skin to breathe and makes the process of removing dead cells more active. To enhance the effect, under the costume, cream or serum can be applied. During the whole procedure, you feel comfortable, there are no bruises or signs of a deep massage on the body.

A very important characteristic of the procedure is that it has a prolonged effect. In practice, this means that active cell renewal continues after the course of procedures. The body actually starts the processes of self-positioning, and it is these processes that provide an excellent visible result.

Disposing the body of excess fat cells, toxins and fluids entails new sensations and new emotions. You feel that your body is renewed, there is a feeling of lightness. More seductive outlines of waist and hips allow you to wear boldly narrow and short skirts, fitted dresses and jackets. Slender legs, “lost” the water they did not need and got rid of edema, no pain and feel comfortable even in the end of the day. You can experiment with fashionable shoes and heels, without fear that in a few hours the straps of sandals will cut into the skin, and pain will appear in the calf muscles. The facial contours also change, it becomes more clearly defined, the skin seems to glow from the inside. You like yourself, you can do everything! Because you are the queen!

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