Work and Study Balance is Not Impossible

You have a job, you have to pay your bills, you even have spouse and/or children that you have to take care of but at the same time you want to go to school to achieve your educational goals and succeed in your career? If yes, then welcome to adulthood. This might seem hard, but not impossible at all. It just requires a lot of planning and efforts, time management and support of your loved ones. Here’s how balanced life looks like.

Flexible Schedule

Having a job and family seem to be 2 full time jobs and adding school to this may overwhelm you, thus if possible talk to your boss about getting flexible hours at work. This applies to your professors too; most of them are very understanding and supportive to working students. Online classes are great in this case, consider taking come online courses.

Plan ahead of time

Having a planner or using your smartphone for this can be great. Majority of the time you know your exam, quiz or important project dates ahead of time, so plan wisely and don’t wait until the last minute to figure out what to do.

Be realistic

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Be realistic about how many classes you can handle at a time with your busy schedule. It’s better to take one or two classes and end up with great grades, than taking more classes and failing.


Decide on your priorities, you might need to sacrifice your Friday night out although with your work schedule that’s the only time you can have fun with your friends. Cut the time spend on social media instead focus on school.

Find time for you and your family

Although time is going to be your biggest issue, make sure you find time for your loved ones, this way they will not feel ignored and their big support will help you in your success.

Make friends at school

Having that one reliable classmate means the world to a student who misses a class. Find that trustworthy person to help you with notes/information from the class you have missed.

Spend wisely

Spending your money wisely will give you enough saving hopefully which in turn will give you an opportunity to skip few days at work if you need to study more.

Have a clear path

Identify your goals, where you are and where are you going, have a clear understanding on when you will achieve your goals.

If you can follow these easy 8 steps while combining your work and school and having time for your loved ones success will be guaranteed.

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