There are a lot of reasons you need to respect your server and treat him/her good. But before we move forward and see what are the reasons you should treat your server with respect ask yourself a simple question; why wouldn’t you treat your server with respect?

The server that works for few bucks an hour, serves you a dinner on holiday instead of enjoying the time with family, servers give you a chance to spend that night out with your beloved family on a New Year’s Eve. This applies to all staff at the restaurant but I want to focus on servers because they are the ones dealing with the customers the most and until they leave.

Here are some etiquettes that your hard working server will appreciate.

  • Be patient. You are not the only customer in your server’s section and some costumers can be very needy this might take a lot of time from your server, that might be the reason you wait for a greeting a little long.
  • Your server will appreciate if you can greet him/her back instead of asking for iced tea.
  • The good server wants to take care of you and make your dining experience great, thus try to ask for recommendations, side orders, check, drink refills and everything else directly from your server. If you ask a bus person for a check there is a big chance he will get busy and will forget to tell it to your server.
  • If you are eating in a very busy restaurant during a rush hour be more courteous and considerate towards your server, an example of this will be asking for ketchup and mustard at the same time, instead of ketchup first and after your server delivers it you ask for mustard, and then mayo J
  • Communication is the key everywhere, if you don’t like your food or it came out wrong, don’t eat it all then complain, as a result, leave a poor tip for the server. Just tell your server; in most restaurants, they will fix your food.
  • Don’t ask the server to split the check into 11 different checks and hand her/him 11 different cards and expect her/him to get it done within 3 minutes. It does take time.
  • Here comes the most discussed issue, the accepted norm to tip 18-20% for a good service. Maybe you want or if you can afford to tip more if your server did go above and beyond to accommodate your special needs. In most nonunion places servers make less than minimum wage, and they do rely on your tips, from which they tip out to their bussers, bartenders, and runners.
  • Bad service; this one can be tricky and objective. What do you mean when you say a bad service. Is your server rude and mean? Or maybe he/she is in a bad mood? This is up to your judgment; I personally think tipping a rude server/bad service and great server/good service the same is not fair to your good server.

We all love going out to eat, but we have to keep in mind that a lot of things can go wrong in the back of the house that the front of the house has nothing to do with, thus there is no need to abuse the restaurant staff that serves couple hundred people a day.

Be that good customer that the servers should fight for having a pleasure to serve.



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