Be That Responsible Pet Owner

Animals have always had a big role in people’s life and evolution. Animals were the source of food and transport since ancient times. Animals still maintain all these traditional uses, however, in modern life, we have adopted new traditions and lifestyles, such as having animals (pets) for pleasure or/and companionship, even for medical and psychological help, such as service animals. We can’t clearly say when human-animal bond started, but in modern society, it is more common, especially in United States, Canada, and Europe.

The most common domestic pets are dogs and cats. I would even say there are two types of people; dog people and cat people. However, there are some “exotic” animals that make great pets, such as pigs. Pet owners believe that their lives have changed after getting their furry babies, they state that their life is happier and healthier, which gives you a chance to live longer. Having a barking or meowing furry baby waiting for you at the door until you come back home is truly a blessing. Having a pet is not hard, however being a good pet owner is challenging, takes a lot of time and devotion.

Here are some things to consider before getting your pet.

  • Agreement between family members is very important, don’t get a dog unless everyone in the house is willing to get one, make sure no one is allergic. You don’t want to bring your puppy home, when for example your mom can’t stand dogs, trust me, your dog is going to feel that and it’s not going to create the best environment for your furry baby.
  • Do you have enough time to take care of your pet? Even though you work, you go to school, have kids still make sure you give your pet enough time and attention, if you cannot spend most of your time at home, that is very understandable, in this case, fill your pet’s house with bunch of toys to keep them entertained, food and water should be accessible to them too. Remember when you come home take them for a walk, they have been patiently waiting for your arrival.
  • Are you financially ready to make an addition to your family? Pets can be pretty money consuming, grooming, bathing, food, shots, annual checkups and other supplies which you need to have ready before your puppy’s big arrival.
  • Research; once you decide that you are ready to get a pet do research to find out what dog matches your activity level and your personality. Read about what others say about the breed you pick and make your final decision.
  • Did you check mark all these above conditions? Congratulations, you can now have your new best friend at your house.


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