When you think about love no rules apply to it, that is the whole meaning of love, no rules, no policies, no contract, no deadlines, no third party involved. However, all lovers know there are some mutual feelings and behaviors that will strengthen your love towards each other. Let’s call them 10 commandments of love…

  • Sincerity

Just be sincere to each other, love doesn’t know what fake means, mean everything you say. Be true to each other.

  • Patience

Be patient about your partner’s imperfections or bad habits, take them as perfect imperfections.

  • Listen

Be that go to person for your loved one, even if her/his stories don’t make sense, still listen and be a help, in most cases just listening is the help.

  • Be His/her Best Friend

Be a best friend, not only a partner or loved one. You should do everything with him/her like his/her best friend would have done.

  • Memories

Your relationship is all about creating memories, be adventurous.

  • Unconditional love

Don’t expect anything in return, if both of you have unconditional love towards each other this should not be a problem. Everything is better when you love without expecting…without measuring.

  • Support his/her passion

Be supportive towards whatever your loved one does, regardless it’s a profession, passion or a hobby. Create that feeling that your love will never be alone.

  • Devotion

Be loyal and devoted to each other.

  • Communication

Communicate honest and open. Communication is like an oxygen for any relationship, it is more important than you think it is.

  • Comparison

Don’t compare, it doesn’t matter what others are doing, other are different people than you and your partner.

Love is beautiful, make your love story the best story.


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