his man holds the camera in his hands more than his smartphone. He’s always in the middle of events but is never seen on the camera. Being the owner, he hired himself in all available positions: producer, editor, cameraman, etc.  His favorite color is black, and you can find him with only 3 conditions: he’s carrying a camera, he’s wearing black, and there’s just not any possibility he’s not there. Our guests for NLBM are the owner of Armount and his wife, Arman and Gayane Adamyans.


hy a TV Station?

Arman: I started working in tv companies back in Armenia when I was 16 years old. After 5 years my family moved to the United States and I continued working with tv companies for another 13 years. I always had that idea of opening a tv station, mainly in Los Angeles. Before being in tv station, I’ve tried myself in all kinds of different businesses. We used to have a coffee shop with my wife, and my family owned and still runs an alteration store called Denim Revival, which is one of a kind in the U.S. It repairs jeans with any age and condition. I also had a web development company in Armenia, but no matter how I went around, I’d always come back to tv job.

Gayane: He’d always run from the coffee shop, that’s how much he didn’t like that job. He was always prone to production and TV. When Arman was working at RUSSIAN TV ORBIT he was the one and only person running all the Russian television network.


hy Armount?

Arman: The name has Armenian origins and meaning. It’s named after Ararat Mount and the logo represents the mountain. Sometimes people think I got selfish and named it after my name (laughing).


hy Armenian and why Las Vegas?

Arman: This was more personal. Well, I’m Armenian, we’re Armenians. We knew that the Armenian population in Las Vegas has increased enormously and there was no Armenian tv station in here at that time, so we thought to create that opportunity for them. For this reason, we left everything and also part of our family in Los Angeles and moved to Las Vegas.


hat are the  programs that are hosted and produced here?

Arman: Our first production was the cooking program “Spice it up with Chef Aram” and it’s getting more and more audience by each day. Another project we are working on at the moment is the launching of our free smart tv and smartphone application, that will give people the opportunity to watch our channel regardless of their geographic location. Also, soon our audience will have the option of over air broadcasting which will allow them to watch our channel even with the simplest dish. We have a lot of plans, but everything step by step, I don’t want to fully open the parenthesis.


hen did you start the station?

Arman: In 2003, when we came to Las Vegas, that was the time when I was considering opening an Armenian channel here, but the Armenian population was not a lot in here, so we postponed the idea. Last year, on September, 2015 we officially registered the company as Armount TV.


hat does it take to start a TV station?

Arman: I used to work in the largest Armenian TV station Shant TV and I knew how hard it’s going to be to open a new channel that needs to be provided with content 24 hours, 7 days a week. Right now we are partnering with Shant. They support us with some of the content and some of the productions are getting done in here, Vegas.



s Armount more of a job or a passion for you?

Arman: Passion. I wouldn’t leave everything and completely commit myself to Armount if I didn’t like it.

Gayane: He gets so excited. You should just see him. He’d spend all his day on working on a project, just to make the details perfect, even though someone might not even notice them.


hat are your titles in Armount?

Arman: Cameraman, producer, editor. Every possible job related to tv that you can think of.


hat are your expectations from your audience?

Gayane: We got couple phone calls from our audience, regarding some glitches during broadcasting. That means that people actually are watching our channel. They were very nice notifying us regarding the problem.

Arman: If we stop doing something stupid, they will stop calling us. (all laughing). Getting more serious, we just expect  and hope our audience watches and enjoys Armount channel.


here do you see Armount in the next 5 years?

Arman: We hope to grow and become one of the largest Armenian channels in the U.S., because we’re putting a lot of effort and time in getting to that point. We are open to any ideas and projects and welcome anyone who would like to go big with our channel. We’re getting a lot of suggestions from people now. It’s amazing what creative ideas they come up with.


e know that you are hosting the grand opening on June 1st, how excited are you about that, and what special things do you have planned for that day?

Arman: We’re very excited, so excited that sometimes I start thinking about some crazy ideas and Gayane tells me to calm down (both laughing). We’re still working on it. There will be surprises which I don’t want to talk about at the moment. Let them be surprises.

Gayane: Also, the main goal of the grand opening is to officially and finally let people know that we are open. So no more doubts among people regarding that question. Our event is sponsored by few businesses and also by our family owned company Denim Revival. We welcome anyone who would like to join our sponsor list. The event will be recorded and broadcast on TV, it will be shared on our website as well as on social networks, so it’s a great advertise opportunity for businesses who are willing to be part of it.


rman, are you camera shy?

Arman: Very shy! Extremely shy! (all laughing) I feel confident behind the cameras. When I’m in front of them, I feel like seeing the camera for the first time. During the telethon for Syrian Armenians, I had a whole script to say in front of the camera but I couldn’t remember any single word from it.


ow long have you known each other for?

Gayane : Me and Arman have been married for 16 years. We’ve met in a studio. I went for an interview for a host in a youth program in Armenia that his friend and him had organized.Then  I got hired. After that, we stayed together. We have two kids now.


on’t you hate green?

Arman: No, I have a huge green wall in the studio (laughing). The best colors for TV are blue and green, as they mix less with other colors. Red, black are not used a lot because of their ability to get mixed with other colors on a tv screen. My favorite color is black as it’s got all other colors in it.


s there anything else you’d like to add?

Arman: We’d like to thank the Honorary Consul of Armenia in Las Vegas Andy Armenian for his help and support. He was with us from the beginning and introduced us to organizations and related bodies when we were new in Las Vegas and didn’t know a lot of people.


“Out of the Box”

What was your weirdest wish you’ve always dreamed about in childhood?

My dream was to become a gangster.

You wake up in the morning, check your mailbox and see there’s a very famous magazine with your picture as a cover. What do you think that article will be about?

I hope it’s not the Criminal Weekly.

You’re lost in a forest and there’s no human breath to hear you. You know you’ll be stuck there for a while. What will be your actions?

I’ll try to get out of the forest, if I can’t, I’ll go home and try it next day.

You’re an entertainer, comedian and have a show starting in 2 min. All of a sudden, you forget all your texts and the jokes you were supposed to tell, but you don’t lose yourself and think about telling a funny story from your life experience. Tell them one…

To be honest I have another solution. I’ll just open and close my mouth like I am talking. Let studio engineers figure it out how to fix the problem.

You go on a vacation to a country, which native language you don’t speak. How would you make that native person understand that you need to find a place to sleep and a place to eat?

Just like I did 16 years ago when I moved to the USA. I am a good Pantomime player, that helps me a lot.

Follow Armount in their Facebook page and stay tuned. Join the Grand Opening Ceremony.


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