Who to Blame for Meal Plate

There have been trending so many myths about food and nutrition,what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat that nowadays it’s really hard to believe in everything thrown on the internet. For example, there is always that friend that keeps saying “oh I don’t eat after six o’clock to lose weight”. In reality, it’s not recommended to eat only 3-4 hours before sleep, so that the stomach has gone through digestion process before sleep.

A famous English chef and dietitian Jamie Oliver offers a great way to keep a balanced diet without excluding any type of food. So what he offers is not a type of diet, because one gets to eat everything in just certain quantities. Here how his plate of balance looks likeNutrition-food-balance-table

Along with all the food, we don’t forget about water and good sleep. Almost 70% of the body is  water, and it makes sense that somehow this water needs to be restored whenever the body needs it. Drinking enough water will also help to have fresh looking skin along with all other benefits. Sleep is another important factor. It repairs all damaged cells and restores our energy for the upcoming day.

Calories. A lot of us see them as eating monsters, forgetting they are nothing but just numbers. In reality, it’s all about the balance between how much activity you do and how much you eat for that day. At the end, there is no other to blame for bad outcomes except yourself, so let’s live a life free of complaints and full of health. 

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