Throw Away Your Glasses

Everyone’s known old saying “You don’t use it, you lose it” almost applies to anything that needs to be exercised and executed to be useful in human hands. Well, eyes are not an exception either. Just like any other muscle group of the body eye muscles need to be constantly used. Otherwise they become weaker and weaker. It’s just like asking someone to do splits, when that person hasn’t stretched his/her legs in his/her for a long period of time. The person starts losing his/her flexibility over time for not properly exercising and training.

Wearing glasses is not the reason your eyes weaken, but the lack of exercise in the meantime of wearing them. Healthjournal365 offers a group of habits and exercises to practice at home, so that you never lose your vision, instead improve it to the point where you can throw your glasses away.

  1. You will need to avoid hard pressure on your eyes and it is recommended to close your eyes for several minutes on every 2-3 hours.
  2. It is necessary to implement gymnastics for the eyes, which contains 16 exercises (follow these lines with your eyes)
  1. Get rid of your glasses.
  2. Implement everyday massage on the specific points:

Apply light pressure on your eyeball with the tips of your index and middle finger. Press the eyeball lightly so you don’t feel any pain. Then press these points with your index finger twice.

  1. It is necessary to look into distance while walking outside.
  2. Drink carrot juice with several drops of olive oil constantly.
  3. Rinse your eyes with warm water.
  4. Don’t use your PC or laptop at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  5. Implement the Indian exercise “Trataka” in order to establish your vision:

A moderated, focused look is a form of meditation which directs the concentration at a particular point (small object, candle light, black spot) for developing focus, strengthening of the eyesight and stimulating the third eye. This exercise is called Trataka.

*When you feel your eyes get teary, give them some rest, until they are fully recovered, and do the exercise again.


Source: healthjournal365

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