What not to Wear in Summer

Since we’re heading towards summer, sun and heat, people start opening the doors of their summer closet, forgetting about some important facts. Choosing a right cloth to wear during hot days, is as essential as having a breakfast in the mornings. You’ll be amazed what harm they can do to your health starting from increased blood pressure and ending with a neural shutdown. The problem is so real and actual that even health professionals speak up about it. Here are some types of clothes that you shouldn’t wear during summer.
1. Dark Colored Clothes.
It’ll be better to get rid of doing combinations with all dark colors. Under the heat and warm, it can make you look “heavy” for the season. Speaking in science, it’s also proven that dark colors absorb heat faster than light colors, so sweating in your black jeans and shirt is not avoidable. Add some more bright colors to your closet to look refreshing and boost up your mood.
2. Skinny Jeans.
shutterstock_147276977Another trend that is spread all over the world are jeans. Jeans are seen everywhere. People wear it daily, for any occasion. No matter how much people love jeans, summer time is probably not the best time to wear them. We’re specifically talking about skinny jeans that youth just loves to wear. Those types of jeans can actually harm you, instead of making you look like a model. There are actual cases, mentioned by the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry that people developed neural and muscular dysfunctions after wearing skinny jeans for long periods. According to the same source, a 35 year old lady was hospitalized after her legs went numb, and she couldn’t get up from the floor. These cases happen in all seasons, but wearing those skinny jeans during summertime, can also lead to skin rash caused by sweat along with all mentioned side effects.
3. Synthetics.
Another clothing material to escape for summer is synthetic. Any shirt or pant made out of these materials doesn’t allow the body “breathe” properly. Unlike cotton, which helps the sweat to evaporate in the air and keep the body cool, synthetic keeps the sweat on the shirt, because it hardly dries off. The fashion industry is so rich and adverse nowadays, that it’ll be very easy to find lots of alternatives to synthetics.
4. Tight Clothes.
Just like skinny jeans they have a bad effect on your body. Instead, try loose clothes. Wear it not because of hiding your body but to allow a fluent blood circulation. By wearing tight clothes you actually compress your blood vessels, which causes an increase in blood pressure. Having loose clothes on you will help to avoid such a health problem.

Being a fashionista every time would only help you to get through a few hours. Your health is the one that will get you through many years, if it’s taken care of properly. Stay cool in summer by simply avoiding some clothing types that are not effective during hot days. Remember, there’s always a way to both look amazing and comfortable in your clothes.

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