Makeup Trends of 2017

This year especially Spring/Summer season has its unique makeup trends, which you can see on celebrities and makeup lovers in general.

Let’s get started:

  • Gloss

We all are so obsessed with matte lipstick, 2016 was all about those velvety, bold and rich color liquid lipsticks. However, this year seems like the gloss is back. Not only you can use gloss on your lips, but also on your eyelids. Many famous brands started launching glossy eye shadows. This is definitely going to be big in 2017.

  • Metallic

Metallic sounds like the new matte this year, specifically metallic eye shadows and even lipsticks. Yes, it’s all about shine and glows, it’s your year to glowing.

  • Colored Mascara

Colored mascaras are back, but not in shade of blue or green, but burgundy, burgundy mascara is the new must have in your makeup bag.

  • Natural Skin

Natural skin is the most beautiful skin, although, for those who cannot live without powder or foundation, try to keep it to the minimum especially during hot summer, this year having a radiant, naturally glowing skin is the most trendy thing after harsh contouring of 2016.

  • Pink/Rose

Pink is very popular this year, try using light pink blush or even pink in your eyelid. The reason that pink/rose is popular is probably it is the closest to natural skin tone and we all already know that natural looking skin is trendy and always beautiful.

  • Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is always trendy, it’s always classic, so make sure your makeup bag has at least one shade of red. The unique thing this year is wearing red lipstick with minimum eye and face makeup; having well-groomed eyebrows and red lipstick will do it all.

Let’s enjoy these awesome makeup trends of 2017 hoping for better and unique tips in 2018.


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