As the day at 5 o’clock is no more end of the day and people dress like nothing actually covers their bodies, is the time when you realize it’s summer. What to wear and which colors to wear this summer, will be discussed in this little advising blog offered by NLBM magazine.

Waking up each morning and deciding what to wear appears to be very time consuming and frustrating for many people. The hardest questions happen to be regarding matching the clothes. According to one study women would spend on average 16 min to decide what to wear each weekday. If this is the case during weekdays, we’ll let your imagination guess all the minutes spent on decision making during weekends or holidays. What if, we could tell you dear women, that there’s a way to overcome those numbers, get dressed in less time and still be the stunning lady of the day? The secret lies in choosing the right colors that can complete one another and make a perfect look.
Here are some color combination that would work on any kind of occasion and would save you some time to spend it with your loved ones.

1. Medium blue, yellow rose, light coral,bisque


2. Dark gray,light steel blue, red, white smoke


3. Dark gray, mauve taupe, misty rose,white


4. Aquamarine, azure, steel blue, copper red


5. Cerulean frost, gold, old rose, misty rose


6. Cerise pink,yellow munsell, Spanish gray, turquoise


7. Dark olive green, peach puff, burnt sienna, black


8. Indian red, rosy brown, burlywood, gold


9. Thistle, lavender blush, seashell, peach puff


10. Midnight blue, mango tango, dark slate gray,light gray



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