Choose your lipstick like you mean it

Lipsticks have been around since ancient times. Lipstick had its evolution before it turned out nowadays fancy and easy to use products.

Ancient Egyptians were one of the first ones to use a “lipstick”. They extracted red dye from fungi and added iodine with some bromine mannite. Ancient women have done some unbelievable tricks to look beautiful and stand out in crowd, for example Cleopatra made her lipsticks from crushed carmine beetles, and this is how she ensured the deep red pigment. Ancient women in Middle East also used fish scales to get shimmering finish. However, in Europe, lipsticks were banned by the church referring it to ‘incarnation of Satan’. This changed in 16th century, especially in England where Queen Elizabeth I made red lips and white faces very popular and was restricted to upper class woman. During these times lipstick was made from a blend of beeswax and red stains from plants.

Let’s move to fashion city Paris, in 1884, the first commercial lipstick was invented which was made from deer tallow, castor oil, and beeswax. By mid 19th century lipstick became available in different colors. By the end of World War II rotating push up lipstick was invented and became one of the most used cosmetic among women. Nowadays lipsticks come in variety of shape, color and texture, They can be matte, satin, sheer, gloss, frosted, liquid, cream, glossy, powder, waterproof, moisturizing, long wear. Yes we are lucky we don’t use iodine or beetles to highlight our beauty. We are fortunate enough to have this big selection of lipstick, but we face other challenges, such as picking the right lipstick. Here are some tricks that will help you decide which lipstick will suite you the best.


Your Skin Tone

Determining your skin complexion is very important. Is your skin fair, light, medium, tan or deep? If you have hard time figuring this out you can go to any cosmetics store and ask them to help you find your skin tone. Another trick to find your skin tone is to look at your veins, if you have blue or purple veins this indicates that you have a cool skin tone, but if you have green veins this means your skin tone is more towards warm colors. Another trick to find your skin tone is to try on jewelry, both silver and gold. Silver tends to look better on cool skin tons, and gold on warm skin tones.Once you determined your skin tone here is what experts suggest. For fair and light skin it is recommended pinkish or coral colors, even nude. For tan or medium skin bright red and cherry red will look very good or just stay loyal to true red with no undertone. For deep skin metallic ruby red or deep wine is highly recommended. Dark and light purple is also a great and unique choice. Once you have picked your lipstick color, you may match your whole make up with it..

Your Mood/Your Outfit

Your mood is very important, if you are in a good mood going out on a summery night, then you better go with hot colors. Nude lips will be great for your casual looks. Outfits have a big role as well, if you are wearing orange shoes, orange dress, orange purse, guess what? You may go with different color lipstick, maybe again orange but different shade maybe darker than what you are wearing.


Just experiment and have fun

Looking for causal look yet very catchy? You got this, nude lips and a little dramatic eye make up…You want a dramatic look without having too crazy dark eye make up? How about red lips…You don’t even have to wear fancy outfit, red can make your plain outfit pop up. Probably the most universal and experimental color is pink because it has so many shades. And of course dark colors, such as dark brown, smoky purple, dark wine berries can always be the best accessory you can wear.

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