Taking a vacation to Europe and East Coast has become more than easy and convenient, since Las Vegas appeared on the world map. It’s the city where New York City and Paris have never been this close to each other. It’s the city where it’s OK to jump from a 1,149 feet high building if the building is the Stratosphere. That’s the place where people wonder where this city is “stealing” this much electric energy from to lighten up those tremendous casinos. This is the city where there are more realtors than houses on the market. This is the place where friends gather to eat at two o’clock in the morning and call it breakfast. This is the city where people don’t go out of town to see their favorite artists, but the artists come to them by themselves.

And finally, this is the city where Louis Vuitton is the second meaning of LV.

So, if you live in Las Vegas, give a big applause to yourself, if not, there are pretty houses being built every day, and hardworking realtors to make one of those houses your home.LV
The biggest irony of this city is that locals tend to visit fewer attractional places here than people living outside of Nevada. There’s always a friend in our friend list who lives in California but has been to all the casinos, while we live in Vegas but never got a chance to visit the Excalibur, for example.
Because of the casinos that operate 24/7, employees find themselves working not only day time but also night time.

Despite this fact, the sun remains the employee of all the years. Not only it works overtime, 320 days a year, but also promotes the businesses of people standing on the Strip and yelling “Botle of wata! 1 dolla!” It takes a great imagination to comprehend how people made a huge residential city in the middle of a desert, created a beach with a nice view to Mandalay Bay Casino, put the Eiffel Tower in the heart of the Strip, built an Egyptian pyramid and put the “Titanic” in it, plus made every view so breathtaking and entertaining that someone has a hard time saying goodbye to our city.Even with these big crowds of tourists and locals walking around the city, it’s very easy to distinguish between tourists and us, locals.
To people’s surprise we like to enjoy small things and make big deals out of them. No one else surprises like us and drives on the streets like us when it’s raining in Vegas. The weather of Vegas is always the best topic to save us from staring awkwardly at each other. We, locals just enjoy what our city has to offer us. We enjoy our one and only green Mount Charleston and the waterfall that is seasonal, very narrow, but to us, it’s Niagara Falls. Surrounded by soil and desert, we still go to beach, do barbecues and not a drop jealous of California for having an ocean.

hooverOur beach is just 45 min drive and it’s called Lake Mead with Jet Ski, fishing and cruise options, all with a nice view to Hoover Dam.
As minimalists in demanding, locals get the maximum deals in supplies offered by different casinos. The moment when you buy a ticket or anything, and the worker asks for an ID, and after checking it, the price goes down from $20 to $8 is the most priceless feeling that any local has probably ever had in Vegas. The city of fun and new experiences gives every reason to love it more and more.
Life never stops running in Las Vegas. Everything has been made and created for human comfort, joy and relaxation. Hold on to the tickets to Europe and start exploring what variety of activities Vegas has to offer, whether you are a local or a non-local.

Coupled with all the incredible activities and sightseeing places, Las Vegas is the place where the answer is “yes” to most of the things that are “no” in other cities.

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