Animals are part of our lives, pet culture is getting very common day by day. Have you ever thought of having animals in your wedding? In many cultures animals can be part of the wedding, but they are not necessary pets and the purpose is more cultural (such as elephants, camels, horses). Another trend that has been around for a while is including your pet in your wedding day. Many pet lovers can’t imagine their important events, family gatherings without their pets. Your wedding is one of those days.

Let’s take a look at some fun scenarios where you can include your pet in your very special day and what are some things you need to consider when doing this.

How about including your pet in your important decisions before marriage? A good example of this will be proposing with a help of your loved one’s pet. This is the most adorable way of asking your loved one to be yours forever.

Did you propose? Did she say yes? Of course she did, how couldn’t she right? Now it’s time for the wedding. First thing you might need to do is considering your pet’s personality before including him/her in your special day. Maybe your pet doesn’t feel comfortable in public setting with a lot of people, kids, music. If that’s the case, you may need to take your dog to couple socialization classes and take him/her out more often so they can get used to it.


Make sure pets are allowed in the facility where you are having your ceremony. If this is the case maybe outdoor wedding is your best choice if the weather allows it.

Let your guests know.

It’s a courtesy to let your invited guests know that it’s going to be pet friendly ceremony where your pet, whom hopefully all your friends know, is going to be a part of the big day.

Decide your pet’s role.

Ring bearer for your adorable dog will be a very common role. You can consider your female dog as a flower girl. If not, your pet’s present will be enough to make your day more special.


No wedding goes without fun photos taken by a professional which create the best memories. Take your dog in your photoshoot maybe even few days before the wedding and in the actual wedding photos.

Your pet’s comfort

If you are going to dress up your pet, make sure it’s not too tight and they are going to feel comfortable in it throughout the day. Make sure your pet has proper food and access to fresh water all the time. Another thing you can consider is hiring a pet sitter depending on your pet’s character and personality, you have to know this better.

We are hoping this article was able to help you in your wedding decisions and make the day unforgettable for you and your guests including your pet.

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