A Swim with One of the Biggest Sharks in Hawaii

Divers could not be as satisfied and amazed as the day they came so close to the biggest white shark near Hawaii that they were even able to touch it, and take mesmerizing photos with the gigantic sea king. According to the divers, the shark was female, weighing about 2.5 tonnes, 20ft (6m) long and was in pregnancy stage. The shark is believed to be the same shark that researchers tagged as Deep Blue 20 years ago.

Source: Reuters

In the interview given to Honolulu Star Advertiser, one of the divers Ocean Ramsey told that they were filming the tiger sharks when this giant female shark appeared.

“We saw a few tigers and then she came up and all the other sharks split, and she started brushing up against the boat,” she said.

“She was just this big beautiful gentle giant wanting to use our boat as a scratching post. We went out at sunrise, and she stayed with us pretty much throughout the day.”

Source: Reuters

Ms. Ramsey also added that the shark might have been pregnant due to its shocking width and is about 50 years old. According to her, the white pregnant females sharks are the safest to swim near, of course, always beware of not swimming near when sharks are feeding. The sharks, as Ms. Ramsey mentions, only attacks humans when they are curious or mistake people for their preys.

You can follow the Deep Blue shark by following its Twitter account and watch some of the coolest videos of its ocean adventures.


Photo Credit: Reuters

Source: BBC


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