Animals in Weddings

Animals are part of our lives, pet culture is getting very common day by day. Have you ever thought of having animals in your wedding? In many cultures animals can be part of the wedding, but they...
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Movies to watch this holiday season

Holiday spirit everywhere; Christmas trees, Christmas lights, shopping, presents, gift wrapping, holiday music, snow (if you are lucky enough), Christmas joyful music everywhere you go. What else can make your mood more festive and enjoyable? What about...
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Christmas Around the World

Christmas and New Year are probably one of the most magical events that connects the whole world. Why? Because almost everyone celebrates it. Diversity of traditions and celebration events are so many and beautiful in their kind...
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The Best of Mr Bean

English comic, actor and everybody’s favorite Rowan Atkinson, mostly known by his role name Mr Bean has been and still remains one of the most exceptional and loved actors in the whole entire film history. To recall...
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How Dogs Celebrate Christmas

Who said it's only people enjoying the glitter and magic of winter holidays? These dogs definitely prove that they celebrate Christmas and New Year with just as much joy and happiness as people.