The Effects of Hiring and Promoting Wrong Candidates

Is turnover rate very high in your establishment? Well, that’s not something you want simply because It hurts your company. First of all, there is a cost involved every time you hire an employee, this could be the training, legal issues, uniforms… Second, it harms the culture of your company as well as the reputation.

There are different productive ways to lower the turnover rate, but we want to focus on hiring and promoting.

  • Listen to your employees.

If there are a lot of employees quitting after the promotion you gave at work or after hiring a new person in a management role, then maybe you need to review your hiring/promoting decisions. A lot of people quit simply because of their bosses. Don’t lose your employees faith in you otherwise they will leave to find better prospects elsewhere.

  • It can be offensive

Promoting wrong people or hiring for management externally can sometimes be offensive to your best employees who want to grow in their career and they have invested much more in your company. When you promote another employee who clearly doesn’t qualify or lacks work ethics it can make your best employee feel unrecognized as a result you might lose your best employee. Hiring externally while you have great candidates at work can be insulting as well, watch out for your current employees before you go out to search for new ones.

  • Productivity

The productivity can decrease due to the way your employees feel. If your employees don’t agree with your hiring decisions it creates a lack of trust and if on top of that they don’t get along with the new manager, you may see dramatic productivity decrease.

  • Company’s culture

You can’t teach someone personality skills if you have found a candidate with great skills, experience, and education, that doesn’t mean he/she is the perfect fit for your company, you may find someone less experienced but amazing personality who shares the same values as your company. Technical part can be achieved with proper training, but culture fit is not teachable. If you keep hiring wrong people in your establishment or having wrong people in leading role, then guess what very soon you will lose your company’s culture.

Hiring/promoting right people is more important than you might think. Stay true to the culture of your company, appreciate your best employees and give them opportunities, challenge them, inspire them soon or late it’s going to benefit you and your brand.

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