Local Listings and the Small Businesses

In today’s world where most of the consumers go online to find any type of service or good provider, having an updated, accurate and consistent record or portfolio out there in the world wide web is a must. The good part is there are bunch of companies that provide that service by putting you out there. Yes, business directories or

Local Directory Listing

Local directory listings are online informational sources that contain basic information about businesses, such as their business name, phone number, address, hours of operation, photos, and sometimes reviews or ratings. Many local listings, like Google+Local and Bing Local are factored into search results in organic and maps searches.. To have a better result this business directories work locally even though their center may not be in your town but the consumers find the results in their area. The other good this is these local business directories are mostly free. Their websites created as simple as possible so even a person with the minimum knowledge of working by computer or browsers can upload their information and create the own business listing and portfolio.
Having a website for your company of course is a plus for your business and will bring more costumers to your door but it’s not necessary to register for some local business directories. Different people use different search engines and different websites to find their needs, for the same reason it’s a plus to have your business listed in as much directory as you can, keeping all the information consistent and up to date. As you may know there are giant search engines that are used with most of people such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol etc. these type of websites use complicated algorithm to find the best result for the search. The interesting part is that the local listings know the same thing and they optimize their websites so they can be in the first couple pages at least in these search engines. Having your company listed in business directories is to take advantage of their effort to be in the first page. In another word, you are benefiting from this and indirectly you get to be in the first page of search engines as well.

You may ask if registering in a local directory listing a must for your business?
The answer to that questions is an emphatic YES! Your accurate and updated local listing plays an integral role in local seo. Search engines like Google and Bing populates these sites at the top of their organic search results when a user is searching with a local intent. But if you haven’t claimed your local directory listing, then there is a good chance that it has inaccurate or missing information about your business. This signals to search engines that they all belong to your business, which can increase the visibility of your listings (and your website) in the search results.

What’s even more important, many local consumers use search engines like Google and Bing, as well as Yelp directly on their phone, tablet, and PCs to find local businesses in their area. No matter how consumers are finding your listings, you need to make sure they provide the most accurate, compelling information possible to turn those searchers into leads.

Wonder Where should you list your business?
The first thing you should do is do a quick search on Google using your business name. Visit each local directory listing to claim and update your business information such as your business name, phone number, address, hours of operation, and photos. Your business should always have accurate, complete listings on key sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yelp. But, those aren’t the only sites you should be on; your business should be listed on many general and industry-specific sites across the web.

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Here are some local directory listing that you can use to reach more people or more people can reach you when you subscribe and the links to their sign-up pages:


Google Places for Business

Creating your business profile in Google Places is the first and most important step to start the process of listing your business in local directories.

  • Registering for a business listing on Google is easy and free
  • Business listings appear in Google Maps
  • Customers can leave reviews on your Google+ page

Create your Google Places for Business listing here.

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook turned out to be the largest social media at this time. A lot of people spend most of their free time in facebook, and a good place to have a fan page for your business as well.

  • Creating a business page in facebook is easy and free
  • You get exposure and advertise by your fans for free.
  • Fans can leave reviews on your facebook page

Create your Facebook account and fan page here.

Bing Places for Business

If people are not searching on Google, there is a chance that they use Bing as it is the second most visited search engine at this time.

  • Registering at bing is easy, free and quick
  • You can have more than one location with one account for your business
  • In your Bing profile you can add photos and videos for your business

Create your Bing Places for Business listing here.

Yahoo! Local Listing

Yahoo is the other giant search engine in the world wide web. The smartest move would be listing your business in Yahoo Local listing as well.

  • The local business listing of yahoo is free
  • You can also add photos and info about your business with some monthly fee
  • You will get more exposure when people search in Yahoo for your services.

Create your Yahoo Local Listing or Aabaco business listing.

Yelp Business Profile

At this time Yelp is the best website to share reviews and experiences customers have with local businesses. If you are proud of  your offered services you should claim your business at yelp.

  • Claiming your business in Ylep is Free
  • Usually Yelp is in the first page of google
  • You can create deals for loyal customer, send and receive messages and get reports from your account activity

Create your Yelp Business Profile.

Twitter for Business

Twitter is one of the best way to keep your customers and followers up to date about your offered services and products.

  • Free internet marketing, easy to use
  • You can communicate directly to your targeted crowed
  • The speed of communication is pretty fast

Create your twitter account here.

Linked in for Business

Linkedin is professional platform  – not a social platform – people connecting with each other, making referrals, introductions and recommendations are nothing new really in business .

  • Creating linkedin account is free and a lot of space to describe your professionalism
  • Easy to make smart and right connections
  • Easy to see and categorized professionals

Create your linkedin account here.

Merchant Circle Listing

MerchantCircle is an online directory that helps small businesses connect with local customers, and other local small businesses. In Merchant Circle you can find tools to build your business.

  • Merchant Circle is localized listing and easy to target audience in area
  • You can advertise to boost your listing in MC
  • Ability to create a business blog on your account

Create your Merchant Circle Business profile here.

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages is one of the oldest well organized directory that now offers online business listing. At the same time  advertising and lead generation services are offered in Yellow pages.

  • Yellow Pages has a well-organized interface
  • It performs a lot of detail in the ads
  • It’s very well known and gets a lot or searches

Create your Yellow Pages Business listing here.

White Pages

If you had a chance to make your business contact information available to over 200 million people, wouldn’t you consider trying? White Pages is an online phone book lets say.

  • White Pages is collection of over 30M business contact info
  • Ability to send text messages via mobile marketing
  • Advertisement opportunity available

Create your White Pages Business Pro Listing here.


Superpages is an easy to navigate online directory that includes unique features for some businesses and offers helpful tips for finding good business services.

  • Well organized website
  • Popular search categories are listed on the home page
  • Local featured businesses listed in home page

Create your Supperpages Business Profile here.

Manta Profiles

An online business directory that has millions of visitors every month. Manta is one of the fastest growing listing companies.

  • Easy to set up account.
  • Ability to do paid advertise
  • Subscribed businesses get great business tips every day.

Create your Manta Business listing here.


A great online network for local businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels etc. It offers city guides for popular cities so people attend to use the website more.

  • Citysearch partners with other three business networks and that makes it stronger
  • Visitors get cool welcome message as they enter to your profile page
  • It has mobile app that is popular these days and people prefer to use easier platforms.

Create your Business Profile for CItysearch here.


If you have a physical location MapQuest will bring customers right to your business storefront. When customers search for a business it also shows the reviews that people left you on yelp.

  • Beside listing people get the direction to your business location
  • Ability to manage couple listings from one location
  • Linked to other local listings for reviews.

Create your Mapquest Listing here.


A free business directory managed by Yext.com. Local.com offers searchers detailed information about everything going on in their city, including events, deals and information on popular businesses. They also offer an external horse website (a website with a different name but for your business, with your contact information)

  • Ability to have coupon in your profile page
  • Offering list update across the internet.

Create your Local Listing here.


Foursquare is a popular business directory and a social networking website as well.

Customers can check in and comment on your business — ultimately leading more potential customers to your business.

  • Connects Twitter account
  • Ability to get check-in to your business
  • Has mobile app


Claime your Business Listing on Foursquare.


An online directory that gives you business listing as well as ability to track customers behavior visiting your profile, allowing you to track your business online reputation.

  • Dexknows prints a directory booklet so you get both online and printed version of your profile
  • Customers can rate and write reviews.

Create your Business Profile on Dexknows here.

The Business Journals

A free and paid local listing that has different levels of listing: Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The more you pay, the more your profile will get hit and direct customers to your website.

  • Million of searches each month
  • Wealthy customers use their listing
  • Visitors shop online mostly


Create your Local Business Directory on The Business Directory here.


Hotfrog may not act like a local listing but it helps get your website listed in Google’s search results.

  • Easy to register
  • No limit for information to add in your profile
  • Ability to offer coupons

Add your Business to Hotfrog for free here.

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