How to Get Your Dream Job

You just finished high school, you are tired of your current job, you need a better pay, you are going to relocate, you graduated from University or you have problems with your boss. If you can relate to one of these situations then keep reading. There might be some other interests between these people but you want to concentrate on finding a new job and getting ready for an interview. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your dream job.


Resume is the best way to present your background, skills, experience, certifications and education.
Resumes are more important than you think. Leonardo Da Vinci created the first official resume back in 1482 after which it became very common, and by 1500 English Lords used introduction document which was handwritten and was called resume. During the 1940s, resumes included some details such as weight, height, and marital status. Nowadays you don’t have to go that far, but make sure your resume represent the most perfect candidate for the vacant job the company is seeking for. Resume is going to represent you as a person and as a professional before your employer meets you so take as much time and effort as necessary to make your resume great. Especially if you are looking for a new job make sure you update it and put all your recent achievements.


Go into action

Make a decision of what type of job you need and settle the platform where you are going to seek for jobs such as websites, in person, hiring companies and so forth. Set your priorities and preferences first. Ask yourself, whether you want something that has decent pay and nothing else bothers you, you want a job that will interest you and they pay is not the biggest issue, or you want a job that has more chances for career growth or simply you want the combination of all of these.

Get ready for the most important step

Let’s say your dream job employer calls you in for an interview, yes it’s good, but it does not mean you got the job yet, it just gives you a chance to take your resume and application into a person level.

  • Do research about the company you are going to get interviewed for.
  • Review their website and history carefully.
  • Get ready to answer the most asked question “Tell me about you?”
  • Dress professionally and don’t forget to wear your prettiest thing; your smile.
  • Be brief, yet on point.
  • Be creative and friendly but don’t make up stuff, it can come back to you later.
  • Be your true you, that is what most of the employers seek for.


Follow up

It is important to follow up on your interview after few days instead of just sitting on the couch and waiting for that call or email. However there are some manners to follow up with your hiring manager to increase your chances to get that job.

  • Give the hiring manager time, there are other people like you who have been interviewed and the manager has to spend enough time evaluating each candidate.
  • You can send a thank you note to your interviewer that will set more comfortable platform to contact later about the interview status.
  • Don’t be impatient; it’s almost the time to call Human Resources to find out the status of your interview.
  • You can start your conversation in different ways, if you are comfortable and confident enough you can ask straightforward about the reason you are calling.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable to do that, you can make up a story such as “my phone was out of order and I am scared I have missed a call from you.
  • If the answer is “the status of your job interview is still pending”, that is fine, thank the person answering the phone and wait until they contact you, if not, don’t be stalker, but you can give it a second chance.
  • If the answer is “We decided to go with a different candidate for this job”, that is fine too, not the end of the world, try again, try a different company, maybe there is a better job waiting for you.
  • If the answer is YES.

Yes, the answer is yes you are hired; congratulations you got the job offer. You will get   more information on how to get started, such as signing the contract, background check if needed, training and other necessary things.

 Be prepared for a new boat journey where you are the captain…

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