How to be your boss’s favorite

If you don’t like your job and on top of that you can’t stand your boss, then your work life is definitely miserable. However, if you enjoy doing your job and on top of that your boss is great then your work life is awesome, in addition if you are lucky enough to be your boss’s favorite that’s when life becomes fabulous.

Here are some tips that will help you to be that one person at work…

No No’s

  • The first no no is complaining. Just quit complaining, your boss does not want an employee who is not happy with the job he/she has.
  • Don’t be a drama queen, your boss loves positive and enthusiastic employees.
  • Don’t take criticism personal. Learn to take criticism gracefully.
  • Don’t be the queen/king of tardiness.
  • Quit gossiping.
  • Don’t be best friends with everyone then talk behind their back. Yup, your boss sees and hears more than you can think of.

Yes Yes’s

  • Being positive and enthusiastic of course will lead the way. Just be real, a good boss will never take fake positives.
  • Personally I think volunteering is one of the most important things that will make your boss love you more and will be a major key in your career and promotions. Volunteer to do stuff, even if it is not in your responsibilities.
  • Be flexible so that your boss knows you can work back to back shift, you can work holidays and weekends and you can come anytime someone else calls in sick.
  • Be on time. Don’t be late constantly and meet all your deadlines.
  • Ask questions, learn new things.
  • Be a team player and help others.
  • Go to employee night outs, appreciation days and any social events within your work place.
  • Ask for feedback, this will make your boss think that you really care about your performance and you want to improve it.
  • Offer solutions, not problems, in every work place there are so many people causing problems and few of them offering solutions, so be that dream employee.
  • Be a good listener, this will make you the go to person when your boss is frustrated.
  • Don’t be very needy, but ask for small favors… and don’t return it back right away. Yes, this is what we call Benjamin Effect. When we do a favor for someone, as a result we tend to like them more. You know why? This is because we report ourselves why we did certain acts and when do a favor we justify that as “I did this because I like him/her”.

As you read already there are so many ways to become a dream employee and create your wonderful relationship with your boss.

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