10 Easy Tricks to Follow When Picking an Email Subject

We all know this old saying not to judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to emails majority of us simply ignore that saying and judge the email based on its subject first. When I say judge I mean which email to open first or even worse, sometimes your reader might not even open your email because of your subject line.

We have some tips and tricks on how to choose a catchy subject to be on top of the inbox.

Keep it Short

Most of the emails are opened on mobile devices first and the subject tends to get cut off, that’s why try keeping it around 40-50 characters, even if emails are open on computers, still short subjects are recommended.

Be Personable

In other words, instead of using automatic emails use personal emails instead. In many automatic emails the subject lines are “donotreply” or something like this. Remember that people don’t like talking to robots.

Be Real

Don’t promise something in subject line that’s not going to be offered in your actual message. If your reader opens your email because your subject promised something awesome but your actual message did not, most likely your reader will ignore your future emails.

Don’t Overdo Things

Don’t overuse exclamation marks, yes we all love them, it even comes naturally, but be careful not to overdo it, especially when you are writing a business email not your friend. Another thing people usually overdo is using caps locks.

Proof Read

This is more important than you think it is. Usually subject lines don’t have spell checks, so take your time to make sure your subject line is typo free.

Sense of Urgency

Use some psychological skills to convince your readers to open and read your email. You can do this by including maybe a deadline in your subject or put “reply now, limited time offer” or anything like that.


People love movie trailers. I have a habit of checking movie trailer even while I am already seated inside the movie theater and I am waiting for the actual movie to start. Same thing with emails, even though people plan to open your email, they still want a preview.

Filler Words

Subject line is limited, thus you don’t need to use filler words such as thank you, nice to meet you, however and so forth.


Just think ahead of time, your reader may be in need to find your email later. Thus including keywords related to the subject is critical.


If you are creative enough and you are emailing to a colleague or friend, yes you can be funny J

We hope these tricks will help with your emails to be opened in a faster way with some extra interest.

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