The Visitor from Motherland

Art has always been and will continue to be a big inspiration to the society of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It prevents cultural values from getting molded and ignored, and lets people to express their inner souls in shapes of sculptures, paintings, buildings, photos, dance, drawings, printmaking, etc. In comparison to business field, where the distance between A and B is a straight line, that same line looks like a tangled headphone in the hands of an artist in an art field. From ancient to modern art, there lies a long timeline of its history embracing the conserved cultural values of different nations. In this issue of the magazine we introduce you to a talented and well known artist Jora Hayrapetyan who crossed an ocean to be in the U.S. in order  to amaze people.
Mr. Hayrapetyan was born and raised in Armenia in a little town called Hoktemberyan. By just looking at the path of his timeline, Mr. Hayrapetyan always found himself in places where art happened. He graduated from the State Yerevan Fine Art Academy (1968), then from the Theater Institute of Yerevan (1975).In 1983, Mr. Hayrapetyan became a member of the USSR Artists Union. Starting 2001 and going till this day his paintings have been exhibited and circulated throughout the whole world:Russia, Italy, Canada, Syria,Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, and only last year they were moved to the galleries in the United States of America.jora photo
His paintings mainly depict still life and flashbacks from the years spent in his hometown. The materials used are mainly oil on canvas. There is seen a rich contrast of colors, which make his paintings unbelievably real and full of warmth. Mr. Hayrapetyan currently works with Skye Gallery located at Caesars Palace Casino. His paintings will be among the upcoming exhibition to show people how colors can change our comprehension about the surroundings, when there’s an artist’s light hand touch on every piece of art. As Picasso mentions,

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life of our souls.”

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  1. Gloria

    Jora’s paintings are truly masterpieces. We are lucky here in Las Vegas to get a chance to see his work at SKYE Art Gallery. I have been there and seen them! Thank u

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