The Magic of the Sin City


Photo Credit: Megan Duncenson

What brings a place popularity and recognition is the source by which it attracts different societies to get to see it. Cities even get nicknames from people for what they are known for. It becomes a global term to describe what to expect from visiting there. For example, Paris is known as the city of love and romance, because for unknown reasons even their water fountains sound like Lara Fabian’s “Je t’aime”, Vienna is the Imperial City, London is the Square Mile or the Smoke City, Jerusalem is the Holy City and no wonder why, Moscow gained its nickname as the Third Rome as one of the ultimate centers of Christianity, Los Angeles is the City of Angels, and many other big cities.
Las Vegas is not an exception. Among people, it’s gained a nickname of The Sin City. Potential gamblers would defnitely agree with the chosen name, as they’ve probably felt it on their own skin.
Casinos, gambling machine sounds, hang outs, “smoke on the water”,shows, food, and any entertainment you can think of all concentrated in one long boulevard-Las Vegas Strip. What’s outside of this noise and gambling though? To many of people’s surprise, art is happening outside of it. In contrast to other casinos in the world Vegas casinos also offer art galleries to their visitors. There are so many art galleries and museums in Vegas, that many of them you might not have even heard about. Each one of them represents a different category of art-contemporary, antique, photography, retro, neon and even emergency arts, just in case you gambled a lot and need an emergency refreshment from the previous days. For you own convenience, we provide the list of galleries and museums with their information. With all the those art places Vegas should have been called The Magic City-the city where are arts and gambling can function on the same floor.

Art Galleries
  1. Gallery of Fine Art  
  2. The Art of Richard MacDonald 
  3. The Gallery at City Center 
  4. Martin Lawrence Galleries 
  5. Peter Lik Mandalay Gallery 
  6. Jack Gallery 
  7. Jeff Mitchum Galleries 
  8. P3 Studio 
  9. Pop Up Art House Gallery 
  10. Clay Art Vegas 
  11. Emergency Arts 
  12. The Arts Factory 
  13. Brett Wesley Gallery 
  14. The Funk House 
  15. Jennifer Main Gallery 
  16. Contemporary Arts Center 
  17. Skye Art Gallery 
  1. Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art 
  2. Neon Museum 
  3. Las Vegas Natural History Museum 
  4. Nevada State Museum 
  5. Marjorie Barrick Museum 
  6. The Mob Museum 
  7. Bodies…The Exhibition 
  8. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition 
  9. The National Atomic Testing Museum 
  10. Discovery Children’s Museum 
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