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People argue about the definition of happiness. It seems ironic because, there’s no definition of happiness that is valid for every breathing soul on this earth…

It’s not one of the laws of thermodynamics “the energy cannot be created or destroyed”. It’s not subject to be tested with scientific method, which was used for discovering the law of energy conservation. So if you ever think about becoming a scientist, try not to test and come up with a law of happiness, if you really want to keep your job. So, how do we actually know, what is happiness, what it costs to have it, how to know when you are in that state and what are some side effects of it? The answer is not clear and simple, and neither is easy to explain, but it’s straightforward and believe, it’s as genuine as the light bulb when it was first invented in 1879.
Human body and mind is an absolutely astonishing alliance of perception of the outside world. It can identify actions as happiness and unhappiness within milliseconds. Where people find happiness, varies from a person to a person. In order to have that feeling, there’s no need for a big cause. Even small things can get you to a state, where the sun shines brightly, the sky is blue and the birds are singing on the trees. People who define themselves happy find themselves arguing less with others. There is no big dilemma, where we choose between two tough situations. It’s in human nature to always prefer the better. The trouble is whether our preferences match with the choices we make. Yet, the imperfection of society comes into a place.

Let’s remember, how many times we were angry and yelled at people for nonsense reasons, said things that we didn’t even know what they really mean, but we said them just because they sounded big and irritating. Moreover, that unpleasant feeling of anger never comes alone. To put in another way, it’s like buying a coke and expecting to just drink water out of that can, forgetting about sugar, and all other ingredients. Anger, works the same as coke, it comes with stress, madness, and desperation.This is the place where holding yourself together for ten seconds by being silent, could save most of your nerve cells which by the way do not regenerate every seven years as other body cells do. However, what we can regenerate are our happiness cells. How? By giving us enough time to reconsider our thoughts that make us sick, and just asking “now what?” What are we gaining by pointing out the bad side of the person, by ignoring all the good ones? Is this anger worth your time that could have been spent on working out the solutions for the argument? As wise and intellectual people, we let bad feelings and thoughts go. Thoughts can become actions and when they do, sometimes there’s no way back. So let them be healthy thoughts, thoughts that can cure the sick, the ill.
Happiness is the confidence of being sure there’s someone to share that feeling with. If we could sit down for few minutes and look at our lives, realize that we have a roof on top of our beds, clothes to cover our bodies, food on our tables to not stay hungry, the ability to move and speak free and a family having our back all the time, we’d realize life couldn’t get any better than that. It’s all about details, and all about accepting minimalism as a sign of appreciation and not a result of a fail. There’s happiness in a cup of warm coffee when you are around friends who are warmer than the coffee itself. And let the coffee be from seven eleven. Who actually pays attention to it? It’s just a good reason to see each other one more time.

  • Happiness is when you wake up five o’clock in the morning to go to work, but realize it’s Sunday and your pillow is your best friend for the rest of the day.
  • Happiness is making dinner for your family and feeling relieved for not messing up with it.
  • Happiness is finding money in the pockets of your coat from last year.
  • Happiness listening to a song that you used to listen in your childhood.

Humans tend to be happier when engaged in social life and interact with each other. We feel happier and more comfortable when someone else shares similar thoughts with us, and in a way, they can be in our shoes. Another way to put it, we are selfish creatures. We prefer to be around people who satisfy our needs of comfort and happiness. It is no surprise why we don’t sing ourselves “Happy Birthday” and smash a piece of cake to our faces. Instead, we call our friends and relatives to do it. Our ears love to hear their joy and screams, and we just enjoy their presence in important moments such as our birthdays. Our happiness is in others’ happiness. The moment when you realize you have the enormous power to change someone’s life to a better state, make them feel appreciated, valued and loved. The moment when wealth plays no role in you to bring back a person’s smile to his/her face. Indeed, that’s the most powerful wealth in our society that sometimes needs to be searched deeply in order to be treasured.

Happiness is in the details of a big picture.  

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