Travel Incidents That You Thought are Disasters

Life is about collecting moments not things, life is about being a traveler, not a tourist.

All travels, regardless it’s a business trip or an adventure, start from transportation, either road trip, train or plane.Travel adventures can begin before even you get to your destination. Here are some disasters that can happen to anyone.

 At the airport


  • Miss a flight.
    Don’t panic, check the first available flight.
  • Spend nights at the airport.
    If you have to spend the night at the airport find a crowded spot, close to security at least or get a nearby hotel.
  • Lost/stolen passport.
    Check it with lost and found department, if they don’t have it contact your country’s embassy for an emergency travel document.
  • Pick up someone else’s luggage instead of yours.
    Contact security as soon as you can, in order to return it and find your luggage.
  • Have a food poisoning at the airport.
    Go to pharmacy immediately, most airports have pharmacies inside the airport. Seek medical help.
  • Get drunk before your boarding.
    The solution for this is not to drink to the point to lose your mind at the airport because no one is going to take care of you.
  • Get robbed.
    Call the security/airport police. Be careful about your other vulnerable stuff.
  • Legal problems/documentation.
    Contact your country’s embassy immediately.
  • Last minute gate change.
    Run Lola, run!


Inside the plane
  • Your seatmate stinks.
    Not much you can do unfortunately.
  • Food poisoning.
    You don’t have many options inside the plane, whatever issue you have you need to address it to flight attendant; they usually carry first aid medications.
  • Someone Panics.
    Don’t let dramatic passengers affect you if there is no need to panic.
  • You are claustrophobic/ can’t use the bathroom.
    Make sure you use the bathroom before your boarding.
  • Screaming kids and calm parents.
    This is when your headphones come to help.
  • Spilling your drink all over you and not only.
    Hopefully that wasn’t a hot coffee…
  • Forget your stuff in the plane.
    Contact the airline or the airport support.


This one is my favorite; weird things you think during a flight, such as…

  • What if the pilot has a heart attack?
  • What if I get stuck inside the bathroom?
  • What if someone else gets stuck inside the bathroom and we cannot use the bathroom?
  • What if I ask for Coke and they serve it to me warm?
  • What if I am asleep while snack time and I miss my peanut bar?
  • What if the plane wings fall off?
  • What if we crush the plane now?
Stop overthinking

After adventures you finally get to your destination, where you can still meet some disasters such as.

  • Your hotel cancels your reservation or they are full.
    If they are full they have to take the responsibility to provide you with another hotel. Don’t hesitate to ask for manager during these circumstances.
  • The transportation can be more expensive than what you thought.
    Many airports offer car pool for travelers, try to find people who go to the same area of town so you can split the payment.
  • Jet lag.
    Stay awake until local bedtime.
  • You may fall in love with a random stranger.
    Not sure if this is a good idea, unless you believe in love at first sight.
  • Fight with a travel buddy.
    Don’t ruin your and your travel buddy’s vacation, compromise and have a great time.

Travelling is a blessing, but as we read it can be so stressful, however, as an experienced adventurous traveler I can tell you it’s worth it.

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