The Incredible Anatomy of Snowflakes

A Russian master of snowflake photography Alexey Kljatov found himself falling in love with taking photos of snowflakes. His equipment which came out to be not too expensive at all helped to obtain the most wonderful macro photos of winter magic.
This is the assembled rug that Alexey made for his incredible photo shooting process.

“For this type of photography, patience, persistence and luck mean much more than any expensive photo technique,” -says Alexey in his blog.

In his blog he thoroughly tells about the full story lying behind his works and he gets such amazing snow crystals with more than 17 shots of the same snowflake. According to him, any person can take good shots of snowflakes. The secret is “… to wait for good snowfalls, which brings a large number of interesting and beautiful snowflakes.”

We’re leaving the rest for you to enjoy.

To get a better idea on how snowflakes are formed and why they have different shapes, we offer you to watch this interactive video.

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