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The Evolution of Books - No Label Business Magazine

The Evolution of Books

Since our childhood we’re taught the culture of reading as the main origin of knowledge.  Until nowadays books still preserve their definition among people, because again, we’ve been taught that books make us wiser, more informed and sharpen our minds. Do they serve to their true functions now? It’s hard to tell, but what’s really apparent is that anyone, literally anyone with no education, expertise, or experience can publish a book about anything!


Books have become part of a growing business, that individuals or companies use to make a profit, barely bringing any quality to the content. Not only you have to be careful what your kids see on the TV, but also what your kids are reading in their books. There is a children’s  book called “Captain UnderPants” that is literally about the title, not to say about the characters that are named after similar, kids inappropriate names . The strategy is simple-if such low-quality books can make people buy them, because of uniqueness and “entertaining” in its kind, then it’s ok to publish and make a profit on human stupidity.


The question is, why there’s no restriction in bookstores that will allow only credible, educative books to put on sale? The answer is probably apparent to everyone. Money, money, money. If you’re reading a book and spending your valuable time on it, you should expect the book to teach you something, entertain and inspire you in an enlightening way, otherwise, they would be no different than TV shows.Because of such problems, many people still go back to old time writers such as William Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Scott Fitzgerald, Jules Verne, Charles Dickens, Honoré de Balzac, Hans Christian Andersen, etc. to find big quality elements in their writings and gain knowledge beyond everyday face to face interactions.

Books are written to feed our mind spiritually, but it seems like nowadays’ writers have lost their point of being an author. Choose your books carefully as you’ll choose your life partner. The right one will always guide you for a lifetime.



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